Happy (BELATED) Birthday To Me!

It’s been a long time…I know! June was a CRAZY CRAZY busy month. The truth is, I’m exhausted!

June is always a month of reflection for me. As a goal oriented person it’s a natural time to check in with myself to make sure I’m on the right track. My birthday is at the end of the month so I’m always envisioning what I want the next year to look and feel like. This year I was able to spend my birthday with my family in friends at home in Maryland and Washington, D.C. I’m not a person that wears a sash, celebrates for the entire month or “turns up.” I like to eat, so that’s exactly what I did on my birthday.

Now I’m officially 33 years old! GASP…I know! I actually had a whole birthday blog prepared but it doesn’t truly reflect the space I’m in right now. From incidents of hate making its way into a loving black church ending the lives of nine innocent people to personal challenges, life.is.really.happening! There’s so much to say but it’s difficult to find the right words.

There’s so much uncertainty in the world, our communities and in life in general. I no longer just hold onto what I know is true, I have a white knuckle grip. I can say that at 33 my perspective and priorities have completely shifted. Practicality trumps cuteness (no more wearing 4 inch heels out unless I’m guaranteed to have a seat that I will occupy the ENTIRE NIGHT). Snuggles with the kids in my life are epic (Especially since I can give them back to their parents after). I want to be a part of their growth. Class is a state of mind, state of being and cannot be bought. Intention without action is a complete waste of time. Speaking about time it’s a limited resource, spend it wisely. Love is the only option. Knowledge is power. Friends can be your saving grace. Family must be a priority. God gave me life and gifts that 1) have a divine purpose 2) he said was good 3) he didn’t ask for any man or woman to validate or cosign 4) cannot be taken away without his permission.

In this space I will keep it completely 100! Sometimes I’m not writing for readers, I’m writing to encourage MYSELF! While people may know my first and last name without a formal introduction and handshake, please don’t be fooled. I’m putting one foot in front of the other without a guarantee about where it will land just like everyone else. Some days it’s on solid ground in a hot pair of bright colored pumps. Other days it feels like I’m barefoot without a pedicure stepping into quick sand.

Mother Oprah says to only focus on taking the next best step. If it’s good enough for Mother Oprah, it’s good enough for me. I’m just focused on making sure I keep moving.



  1. shannon
    July 7, 2015

    I just love reading your blog! I’m working on taking “the next best step” myself 🙂

    • admindreatvadmin
      July 8, 2015

      Awe Shannon thanks! Let’s encourage each other!

  2. Annisa Cline-Thomas
    July 9, 2015

    As a mum, all I can say is “keep on keeping on”.
    Life is not measured by the breath we take but by the moments that take our breath away.

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