Professional Development

Annnnnd Action: Acting Class, Take One


Here we go! First day of class

I was a little early and quickly scanned the room, quietly saying hi to the others who had already arrived before taking the last seat on the right side next to the the trash can. I wasn’t excited to be here, but I wasn’t dreading it either.

Content with staring at my phone, or the posters on the wall until the teacher arrived, I was quickly thrust out of my silence as my classmates looked at me and one by one started introducing themselves. I shook my head after each one spoke, acknowledging their initiative as if I was capable of remembering their names. I’m Aundrea, I said with a half hearted wave.

This is Introduction to Acting at the Walnut Street Theatre. Also known as a spur of the moment decision I made one afternoon more than a month earlier. The no refund policy meant there was no turning back.

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