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PR Pearls: Pitch Perfect

7 Reasons Why Your Pitch Isn’t Getting Noticed

PR Pearls will be a regular feature on this blog that focuses on the sometimes symbiotic and sometimes contentious relationship between public relations professionals and journalists.

My best and most memorable stories have come from people giving me a call to tell me about what’s “going on.” But to get one good pitch I have to go through dozens of bad ones and each time I struggle to gingerly explain why “that’s just not news.”

Here’s how stories are considered:

#1 Who Cares?

Pitches often don’t answer this key question. You’ve heard about stories having to answer the who, what, where, when, why and how…well add who cares to that rule. The Nashville market covers southern Kentucky and stretches almost to the Alabama border. We’re speaking to a wide audience. How can your pitch impact people’s lives outside of your street, neighborhood and community? Why would they want to know about whatever your idea is?

If you want us to come to an event, our focus isn’t on the effort it took to organize it but the outcome it produces. If the community won’t show up to support your cause, we won’t either. There’s nothing worse than showing up to something that’s supposed to be “big” where only 15 people are in attendance and 5 of them put it together. At that point credibility is lost and chances are we won’t be coming back again.

Our biggest competition isn’t necessarily another station, but the busyness of people’s lives.

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