How To ACE an On-Camera Interview

When I was reporting it seemed like every week I had a conversation with someone who asks, “Do you want to interview me on the phone?” My answer, “No, I would like to interview you in person, on camera.” Their groan isn’t always audible, but you can feel their trepidation to utter disdain through the […]

Pitch Perfect: How Your Story Can Break Through The Saturated News Cycle

As a journalist, my  best stories have come from people giving me a call to tell me about what’s “going on.” But to get one good pitch I have to go through dozens of bad ones.” My email inbox is a graveyard for ineffective pitches. You have to pitch journalists but journalists have to pitch […]

You just have to get on with it.

It’s a phrase or some variation of it, that I whisper to myself often. A phrase introduced to me by my dear, dear cousin Joya. A phrase that has kept me moving forward for years.  Joya was born and raised in the U.K. Despite being separated by an ocean we were very close. I was […]