Speaking From A Place of Passion

Overcome Your Nerves And Connect Deeply With A Crowd! I was attending a virtual masterclass for women entrepreneurs where the host, a well known business coach, urged attendees to make a video introducing themselves in the Facebook community. I scrolled through video after video and so many participants started this way…   “I’m nervous.” “I […]

Communication Lessons from Kyte Baby’s Fallout

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oiCI4ksONng Did you know Kyte Baby updated its parental leave policy? A google search didn’t even bring it up following the onslaught of bad press the company received after initially denying an employee’s request to work remotely, so she could be present for her premature baby still being cared for in the NICU.  Much has […]

How To ACE an On-Camera Interview

When I was reporting it seemed like every week I had a conversation with someone who asks, “Do you want to interview me on the phone?” My answer, “No, I would like to interview you in person, on camera.” Their groan isn’t always audible, but you can feel their trepidation to utter disdain through the […]

Pitch Perfect: How Your Story Can Break Through The Saturated News Cycle

As a journalist, my  best stories have come from people giving me a call to tell me about what’s “going on.” But to get one good pitch I have to go through dozens of bad ones.” My email inbox is a graveyard for ineffective pitches. You have to pitch journalists but journalists have to pitch […]