Episode 51 with Keisha Hickson

https://youtu.be/FgkQwQPL3ck How To Overcome Complacency, Living With An Invisible Illness and The Power of Showing Up    Keisha Hickson’s life changed when a diagnosis threatened her life expectancy. Faced with a renewed appreciation for time, Keisha is determined not to waste it and now urges us to combat complacency in all areas of our lives. […]

Episode 50 with Tricia Taitt

https://youtu.be/Sr2OQ6pkWuQ How To Turn Your Passion Into Profit: Tricia Taitt on Dancing With Your Numbers   Tricia Taitt was navigating the intensity of Wall Street when she was laid off during the Great Recession. She turned to her lifelong passion for dance to guide her through uncertain times and it led her to tour with […]

Episode 49 with Political Strategist Katrina Gamble

https://youtu.be/Xl2s-oj1oYg Collective Action and Mobilizing The Power of Community   Katrina Gamble, political strategist and founder of Sojourn Strategies, peels back the curtain on the efforts that drive social movements beyond the ballot box. We confront the hard truths about the rightful cynicism within Black and Brown communities that exit polling doesn’t capture, and the […]

Episode 46 with Financial Therapist Aja Evans

https://youtu.be/MtUK929mu6c Overcome a Scarcity Mindset, Embrace Abundance and Loud Budgeting    What’s your earliest money memory? We’re peeling back the layers on what’s getting in the way of our financial freedom and how the messages received during childhood plays a major role in how we manage our finances as adults. From outlining the impact of […]

Episode 45: How To Go Viral with Value with Chris Russo

https://youtu.be/EPPRKhxy_lo From the allure of short-form video content to the finesse of building not just an audience, but a true community, Chris Russo has the lowdown on what it takes to go viral while creating genuine brand impact. His company, Russo Strategic Partners, has helped clients go from zero followers to hundreds of thousands, that’s […]

Episode 43 with Isis Breanna 

https://youtu.be/34Ucq7IFXIA   Isis Breanna is a marketing expert, author, storyteller, and a lighthouse for those who want to make a living pursuing their purpose and passion. She joins us to share her transformative journey—from a beloved kindergarten teacher, to a highly sought after business coach. Isis explains how her faith has always been the driver […]

Episode 41: What Do You Want? How To Create An Effective Action Plan

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmWTaN4ZspI&t=2s By February 80% of people would have ditched their New Year’s goals. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Dr. Kerry Ann Rockquemore, a sociologist, created a planning framework that changed her and her husband’s lives. They went from being self described “miserable, workaholic, perfectionists,” to retiring in their 40’s and living life […]

Episode 40: Give the performance of your life

Episode 40: how to own your stage with K.J. Rose K.J. Rose is the go to performance director for some of your favorite artists including Lil Nas X, Saweetie, The Lumineers, and Erica Campbell. In this episode she is breaking down how to deliver the performance of your life, because after all we’re all artists […]

You just have to get on with it.

It’s a phrase or some variation of it, that I whisper to myself often. A phrase introduced to me by my dear, dear cousin Joya. A phrase that has kept me moving forward for years.  Joya was born and raised in the U.K. Despite being separated by an ocean we were very close. I was […]