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Honor your truth, share it boldly, find your community, and inspire change. Whether in person or online, let me help you define a clear message, show up with purpose, and make an unforgettable impact. 

Joy is our founding principal. Accuracy is our focus. Freedom is the spark.

In a world full of content, my more than 15 years of journalism experience can help you cut through the noise. Mountain Court Media was created to facilitate memorable conversations across various platforms. Now more than ever audiences crave depth, context and cultural competency. From live events to podcasts and television programming, we help individuals and businesses set themselves apart. We don’t just appease audiences, we help build communities.


I’m Aundrea Cline-Thomas

Thanks for checking out my website! I’m a 3x Emmy Award winning journalist, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Mountain Court Media. I’m passionate about telling creative, engaging and memorable stories, especially those that center marginalized voices. I’m from a Maryland suburb of Washington, DC and my parents are from Sierra Leone, West Africa. My multicultural upbringing is the foundation of my work ethic and influences my love of storytelling, travel, and culture.

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Mountain Court Media

From corporate media training to event management and television production, Mountain Court Media works with individuals and brands to elevate and push conversations forward. Our storytelling empowers communities to be more informed through a deeper connection and understanding of our shared humanity.


As a journalist I’ve spent years hosting events and moderating discussions about the pressing topics that are most important to communities. Now, my personal story of betting on myself and navigating my own career and life transition is inspiring others. My approach is vulnerable, authentic and transparent. I have a particular affinity for organizations that serve journalists, women and communities of color. 


Let’s make magic together!

The NeXt Best Thing

with Aundrea Cline-Thomas

Live the life you design, not the one you THINK you have to settle for. With so much uncertainty in the world, everyone should be preparing for their NEXT Best Thing. First, it’s a mindset that life is guaranteed to throw you curveballs, but preparation can help ease the blow. It’s the idea that you shouldn’t focus on running away from an experience, instead run towards something that is more joyful and better aligned. Most importantly, there’s never a need to pivot or implement a Plan B, because everything you’ve been through further qualifies you to continue pursuing your Plan A. On this podcast learn from experts about how to strategically navigate all of your career and life transitions. New episodes are released on Sundays.

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The Blog

Transcripts of The NEXT Best Thing Podcast to Media Training secrets, learn how to command attention, achieve your goals, and tell a story your audience will never forget. 

Transform Your Journalism Career

In an industry at a crossroads, feeling stuck doesn’t mean staying stuck. The Rewrite empowers journalists to navigate career transitions with confidence, aligning your passion for storytelling with a fulfilling, new path. Break free from burnout and uncertainty—discover how your skills can open doors to careers that still honor your commitment to truth, community, and impact. Ready to redefine your professional journey?

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