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Rooted In History, Celebrating Our Differences

Mountain Court Media curates intersectional conversations across various platforms with depth and authenticity. We create elevated spaces that center unheard and systemically marginalized voices to share their experiences and expertise. The goal is to broaden the audience’s lens, provide the editorial context they crave, and empower them to be more informed through a deeper connection and understanding of our shared humanity.
Joy is a founding principal. Accuracy is our focus. Freedom is the spark.

In this digital economy content is king. While it seems like everyone has become a content creator, few have formal training, operate under stringent deadlines, have managed productions, and can effectively execute both in front of and behind the camera. My experiences include hosting/anchoring programs, producing a national cable news show, curating live conversations with legacy journalism organizations, helping podcasters with the art of the interview, advising small businesses on how to identify their narrative, and providing media training to experts. I can’t wait to learn more about what you are working on and tell you how I can add value to your project.

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Mountain Court Media Services

This is only the start...

Hosting/Anchoring: Whether it’s a podcast, event or a show, Aundrea’s extensive television career and innate ability allows her to connect with a multitude of audiences.

Producing: From ideation to execution, we can manage a team to tell compelling, creative and memorable stories.

Media Training: Let Mountain Court Media prepare you to take center stage. We create customized programs for each client that includes personalized research, coaching and mock interviews. Our goal is authenticity over perfection to make an unforgettable impact.

Finding Your Story: Not sure how your mission fits into the broader conversation? Let us help you refine your narrative to establish your thought leadership on a broader platform.


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We don’t use formulas. We get to know each client and add value in a way that meets their specific needs.