Speaking From A Place of Passion

Overcome Your Nerves And Connect Deeply With A Crowd!

I was attending a virtual masterclass for women entrepreneurs where the host, a well known business coach, urged attendees to make a video introducing themselves in the Facebook community. I scrolled through video after video and so many participants started this way…


“I’m nervous.”

“I don’t like being on camera.”

“This isn’t my normal thing.”


These are women with great courage and ambition. They faced obstacles and are still in the game. They want to make the world a better place. 


How can you make an impact if you’re never seen? 


What if I told you your visibility is connected to achieving your wildest dreams? It’s the vehicle that’s tied to your money making ability that can change the trajectory of your career or business. But you’re clinging to the comfort of being in the shadows. 


Or maybe you have a career that requires you to be a spokesperson. You know all of the data and specifications you want to convey to a broader audience. You’re comfortable with being interviewed, but the narrative isn’t landing with the depth and enthusiasm you or your company desires.


During a recent media training session I asked my client to explain her, “why.” As she went more in depth her face lit up, she spoke passionately and leaned in. I pose that question to my clients often, and I get the same results. 


Here’s what happens when you speak from a place of passion:

  1. The pretenses and nervousness fades. Your self talk is quieted as you tap into the deepest part of your motivation. 
  2. You show up authentically and transcend the barrier of a screen or a stage to meet your audience right where they are. 
  3. You find your tribe. Your “why” is a magnet to your ideal customer or audience. Passion opens the door to real connection. 


If being on camera or being interviewed makes you nervous then start by completing this sentence: 


 “I believe…” 


Then follow that up by explaining why. Share the video publicly and see what happens.


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